Staff data protection refresher training Autumn 2021

The e-learning course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. However, it has been divided into 6 sections so that you can complete each lesson individually and not have to do it all at once.

In order to complete this training, you will need to sign up as a learner with Edapp, the company that provides the toolkit to create online learning. This also allows Nicki Sweeney, Compliance Lead, to check answers to questions to ensure you have answered correctly and have understood what you have learnt. You will only need to provide a name, work email address (please do not use a personal email address) and create a password.

You can complete this training using a computer desktop, tablet or smartphone. To do this on a tablet or smartphone, though, you will be asked to download the Edapp app.

Edapp are GDPR compliant. If you have any concerns please read their Privacy Policy or speak to Nicki Sweeney

Staff GDPR Refresher Training Autumn 2021