Cornwall Council Covid Winter Grants Scheme

The Cornwall Council Covid Winter Grant Scheme, administered by Kernow Carers Service, is designed to support carers at risk of financial hardship leading to carer breakdown.   KCS will identify the most vulnerable carers and support them to be able to maintain their caring role within the context of Covid-19 lockdown self-isolation and shielding whilst also alleviating financial hardship and food poverty. 

NB: Applications must either be signed off by a Kernow Carers Service Carer Support Co-ordinator (CSC) or by an Inclusion Matters Support Worker.

  • We can only accept one application per household.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the application terms and conditions at the back of this application pack before completing the form.

Application deadlines

Final applications at the end of the day 31 March 2021

Please read the grant terms and conditions first before completing the application form

Complete the Cornwall Council Covid Winter Grants Scheme application form here

If you prefer, you can download a Word version of the application form instead :