Covid Local Support Grant Terms and Conditions

The Covid Local Support Grant administered by Kernow Carers Service is designed to support carers at risk of financial hardship leading to carer breakdown.   KCS will identify the most vulnerable carers and support them to be able to maintain their caring role within the context of Covid-19 lockdown self-isolation and shielding whilst also alleviating financial hardship and food poverty. 

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Criteria

  • For the purpose of this grant, a carer is an adult 18+ (aligned with our contract requirements) who is providing care and support to another person due to a health condition or diagnosis in an unpaid and informal capacity.   
  • We can only accept one application per household.
  • Carers must live permanently in Cornwall.
  • The grant can only fund carers who are aged 18 years or over.

Eligible items for purchase (examples)

  • Purchase of food items
  • Support towards utility bills
  • Clothing

Exclusions (what this grant cannot pay for)

  • Wheelchairs and other medical aids or personal health items, e.g. false teeth, contact lenses/spectacles; medical treatment
  • Overnight accommodation costs are not permitted.
  • Activities or short breaks for family groups are not included.
  • Travel expenses are not permitted, including coach hire.
  • This grant cannot pay for equipment or debt consolidation.
  • Items and activities already paid for or taken cannot be reimbursed through this grant.


Completing your application form

  • Applications must detail how the grant will directly benefit carers’ health and wellbeing.
  • Please list all costs for which the grant is required. Check the above Eligibility Criteria and Exclusions to ensure your costs are permitted.

Data Protection

Please note by sending in this form we will keep your details for recording/monitoring purposes, e.g. showing CRCC’s work across Cornwall and IOS (no personal details). 

To help us satisfy the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations, please confirm that you agree to this by ticking the box in the Declaration/Agreement section of the application form.  If you wish to be removed at any time in the future, please contact us 01872 273952.

Next steps

Once we have received your application we will check it meets the above criteria; your application will go before the grant panel who will decide on its suitability for funding.

You will then receive a completed copy of this document and the outcome via email or via the post.

Application deadlines:

19June 2021.

If you are successful, you will be contacted by a Carer Support Coordinator.

Decisions by the panel are final and there is no right of appeal.

Monitoring and evaluation

Applicants may agree to complete a feedback report at the end of the grant-funded activity on a standard form supplied by KCS

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