Carers Resilience Enablement Grant

A grant to aid any unforeseen circumstance that prevents unpaid, informal carers from fulfilling their caring role, where the need cannot be met from elsewhere.

For example:

  • The repair or replacement of essential domestic equipment;
  • To fund the provision of private care equipment;
  • Other urgent domestic need
  • To enable a carer and the person they support to access an urgent break in Cornwall where they would otherwise not be able to.

NB: Carers must be referred to this grant and endorsed by a recognised service supporting carers, these being either Cornwall Carers Service or Inclusion Matters. Applications must be signed off by a professional from that service.

Applications for the repair or replacement of essential domestic equipment, or for funds for private care equipment, or for an urgent break, or for any other urgent domestic need, will be assessed within 5 days of receipt, providing we have received all relevant documentation.


Please read the grant terms and conditions first before completing the application form
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Carers Resilience Enablement Grant
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